Auxiliar de la Industria Mecanica, S.A.

The Industrial Group Auxim is the continuation of a small workshop founded in 1963 by Candido Casas Navarro.

Later, in 1969 Auxilar de la Industria Mecanica S.A (Auxim S.A) was created. Thanks to its advanced technology and the qualified staff, Auxim became a worldwide leader in the machining field, positioning itself in the market as an important supplier for the major international brands.

The continuous rise has led to the founding of Auxim de Mexico S.A de C.V in 1994, aiming to fulfill the needs of its clients all around the world. Later, in order to continue the international expansion process, in 2010 we established Mecanizados Auxim S.R.L, in Oradea, Romania.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, the Group maintains its character of a family business, being totally independent from the financial and technological point of view.